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V versus O

The collection V versus O grew into the cooperation with handbag designer Zuzana Beránková, founder of Bèliere, a brand of leather handbag and accessories.

After presenting the collection together during Bratislava Fashion Days, we agreed on a campaign shooting. We both love nature and we both like to work with natural materials, so to shoot this collection outside was an obvious decision for us.

The shooting took place in Nature Preserve Divoká Šárka.

Three models, two designers, one makeup artist and one photographer. The make up and hairstyle looked better than we even dreamed of. Even that on the weekend that we decide to have the photo session outside the temperature went down and while we were still at the photographer’ s house, it started snowing. But we didn’t give up. We climbed up the frost and slippery hill with all the collection, bags, shoes, shooting equipments and to fight the cold we took termo bottle, blankets. Nothing was stoping us on this day.

To change from one outfit to another one, doing it fast and without ruining the make up was the biggest challenge. Due to the low temperatures we could only take just few minutes for every look and then we run with coats, blankets and to pour the warm tea to the models.

These behind story makes the photos even more memorial than it looks like at the first sight.

Special thanks to Monika for the make-up, to Jan for the photos and to Žaneta, Nikola and  Lukáš for surviving the cold.

Žaneta Ž. - Model (Scouteen) 

Nikola V. - Model (Scout Ya)

Lukáš L. - Model (Supermoda Management)

Jan Faukner - Photography

Monika Košanová - Makeup & hair

Zuzana Beránková - Leather accessories 

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