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The collection (RE)LINE(N) blends traditional textile craft - transferred to clothing by knitting on hand knitting machine - and material typical for our climatic and growing conditions - linen in woven form.


One of the main ideas of this collection is to support the textile industry in the Czech Republic from materials to components. Linen used for the sewn part of the collection is made in Moravia, in one of the last weavers in the Czech Republic. Striped linens are woven in limited amount of residual yarns from larger orders. Yarns come from yarns factories in Valašsko and Pardubice region.

The cuts are tailored to suit different female curves while maintaining a straight and clean line. The whole collection is a play of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, a play of light and shadow.



Eva Z. - Model

Kristýna S. - Model (Scouteen) 

František Oplatka - Photography

Aneta Ložková - Makeup & hair

Bohempia - Footwear

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